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Spice of Life

Length: 79 pages1 hour


Erika has wanted a taste of Chef Marlene Pierce since the moment she arrived at Café Chaleur. The accomplished woman is everything that Erika is not—petite, strong-willed, and feminine. When Marlene walks in on Erika and Lucas, deep in the throes of passion, she believes her chances with the beautiful brunette are gone forever, but she should have realized that what she desires is what Lucas desires...and Lucas always gets what he wants.

Marlene Pierce is shocked when she first learns that the seemingly unambitious Erika is interested in her. Marlene has watched the Amazon bombshell in the kitchen for years and is delighted to find that her fantasies aren’t unrequited. However, Marlene wants more than just Erika’s body. She wants the passion she sees behind Erika’s cooking—even if she has to share that passion with Lucas to taste it.

With an extra pair of hands, lips, and eyes in her bed, Erika is in for a juggling act that she never dreamed of. They say variety is the spice of life, but when her lovers are keeping dangerous secrets, she’s afraid that this dish is about to get overwhelmed.

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