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Easy Church Holiday Plays: 3 Christmas Plays and 1 Easter Play Written for Small and Medium Sized Churches

Length: 119 pages1 hour


Three Christmas Plays and One Easter Play perfect for the small to medium sized congregation. Each only requires about fifteen performers with options to plug in more. Each play incorporates humor, moments of drama, and guidance for props and decoration. The Christmas programs are all designed to accommodate any special music that a choir or individuals would like to include. Below is a brief description of each of the plays:

"Bethlehem's Inn"- Set in the days leading up to the birth of Jesus. Marcus owns a small Bethlehem inn, but longs to expand his business in order to move to Jerusalem and open an inn there. He views the current census as an opportunity to raise the money needed to do that. His sister Becca, the manager Philip, and the hotel staff are all struggling to understand his new vision for the small inn and how to make it a reality. After Marcus denies two special guests a room at the inn he begins to second guess his plans for the future.

"We Got Dat"- Mr. Heart owns a supply store and is more concerned with making money than celebrating the Christmas holiday. Mr. Heart forces the employees to work Christmas Eve in order to fulfill a large order and the stress of the evening results in the employees being reminded of the reason Christmas is celebrated.

"The Best Christmas Play Ever"- Pastor Joe, the pastor of Country Corner Church has put together a Christmas program at his church every year since he has been there. However, he finds himself falling behind in writing and planning for this year’s play. While scrambling to throw a major production together he is reminded by an elderly member of his congregation that the actual celebration of the holiday is more important than a big production.

"Jerusalem News Channel"- The play considers the events surrounding Easter and considers what it would have been like if the modern media had been around to cover them. The news anchors for Jerusalem News Channel interview key Gospel figures, discuss the crucifixion and are astounded by eyewitness reports of the resurrection.

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