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Amy Crossed the Line

Length: 282 pages4 hours


It’s 1969 and Scott Raines wife Lori has gone missing. His friend Amy Walker, who has had a very troubled past, volunteers to take her vacation time to journey along Route 66 to try and find her. Amy is a co-worker, secret admirer and now Scott's hot houseguest-does she really care if Lori is found?
Soon, it transpires that Lori has been having an affair and is now pregnant by another man. Still, Scott is desperate to find her and make sure she’s at least safe. The increasingly unpredictable Amy, however, has encountered much more than she ever dreamed the Mother road could throw at her.
The body count begins to rise, as every man that Amy comes into contact with seems to end up dead. It’s become a nightmare of a trip so all she can do is call Scott and plead for help. But, there’s another man in her life and the hunt leads them all to San Diego and an ultimate showdown with Lori’s concerned parents.
Can Scott unravel the twin mysteries of what really happened to Lori and why Amy’s past affects her so badly? Who else will be included in the body count that doesn’t know when to stop?
Set in 1969 where fast cars are everything and there’s no such thing as a cell phone. Amy Crossed the Line will take you back to an era that still evokes memories of a simpler time. But one that has a romantic twist but a deadly side as well. Who wins, who loses? Amy has lost so much early in her life she needs a matter the costs. Just how far will Amy go to snag the man she has lusted after since they met as co-workers. Come along for the ride...but I'll warn you-it's going to get bumpy at times.

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