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The Nebula Children of Hary Rud

Length: 48 pages34 minutes


The nebula children of Hary Rud is a short fantasy story that belongs next to part 2 of the trilogy ‘The forgotten curse’ (Published in Dutch) of Johanna Lime. But you can also read it as a story that stands on itself. It is situated on the planet Berinyi5, located in the Rosette nebula, from our fantasy world called Eibor Risoklany.
Both princesses of Berinyi5, Golda and Helena, are traveling to Hary Rud, where the Taicapry of the Ana-Rosa tribe live. It is important for them to find out how this population group came here and what their rules are. They learn that they are nebula children, like the Taicapry are.

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