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My Antarctica

Length: 127 pages1 hour


Can a Utah rancher thaw an ice queen’s heart?

Sheridan Travers believes isolation is the best cure for a broken heart. In the aftermath of a messy divorce, she pulled up stakes and relocated to the last place in the country anyone would think to look for her: a small town in central Utah. Despite her best efforts, the locals are determinedly friendly. Especially Murray Young, a local politician who makes his intentions toward Sheridan more than clear.

The last thing Sheridan wants is to get involved with anyone, least of all a social climber who sees her as arm candy and an asset to his political career. During an ugly scene in the parking lot of a local supermarket, things suddenly change when an unpolished but polite stranger, Howie Wilson, steps in on her behalf. As her path keeps crossing Howie’s, she begins to wonder if she should break her icy façade...or stay locked in her private Antarctica.

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