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My Life On The Road: RV Guide For Beginners (Learn from my mistake)

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MY LIFE ON THE ROAD; RV Guide for Beginners (Learn from my mistakes)
In 2005 I lost my wife and dog to a terrible situation after which I set out on my RV life. I wanted to be away from a whole lot of things which was draining my emotions, bringing memories, gulping my finances, and to also experience life outside the walls of my home. I wanted to create memories, build new friendships, see nature and generally have a breath of fresh air.  
Before embarking on my RV life, I had a shallow knowledge about RV living. The euphoria of hitting the road and living my life didn’t allow me to do in-depth research about what it will take to enjoy RV life fully. 
On hitting the road, I realized that I didn’t have basically what it takes to live in RV. At a point, it became so frustrating that I wanted to turn back and quit the whole idea of RV, but on second thought, I pushed on and decided to learn while on the road. 
Learning while on the road exposed me to a lot of things, though it was tough but later became fun. Meeting new RV’er willing to help me all the way, joining RV clubs that also opened my eyes to a whole lot of benefits, I can tell you that living in RV can be the best decision of your life if you are trying to stay away from things and also see nature and breath fresh air. 
In this guide, I tried to take care of all the basic questions RV beginners will ask and the problems they may encounter while embarking on their road life. 
This guide is specially written for anyone who wish to explore the RV lifestyle and is looking for RVing guides to help make it easier for him/her. I have been able to cover the following specific areas of RV living:

Important RV terms.

Thinking of Full-timing or Part-timing

Important researches to make before hitting the road

How to avoid RV beginners mistakes

Gadgets you will need to enjoy RV living

Planning RV budget

Ways to earn while living in RV.
This guide is written from experience, the mistakes I made and the lessons I learned while living my RV life and I hope this goes a long in helping you achieve your dream of a fun-filled RV living.

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