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Rustlers of Socorro

Length: 221 pages3 hours


Most of his life all Jeremiah Dylan had was loyalty to his friends. When a friend asks for his help fighting off rustlers, there is no question that Jem is all in. But has the Bounty Hunter roped onto more than he can throw this time?

"He was one man, riding blind into enemy territory. One man against at least four others, and one man who must somehow contrive to keep himself alive, and rescue another in the process. A tall order for any one man, the bounty hunter reflected, and it had been a long time since he'd gone in to do anything of this nature alone. Then again – a grim smile came to his sun darkened features as he rode out in search of the outlaws' trail. Then again, a man who had a good horse and a fast gun wasn't really alone, was he?"

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