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Joshua The Spy: Book One

Length: 223 pages3 hours


“Joshua The spy” is an enthralling work of fiction wherein God has a crucial decision to make about the fate of the Earth which is hanging precariously on balance. God sends Jesus down to Earth as a spy and takes the name of Joshua, His mission is to assess the level of corruption and decadence and to give him feedback that would determine the fate of humankind. 

He lands at the foot of the Teton Mountains after making a dramatic entrance to earth like a meteorite and then proceeds to blend in with a Christian community where he makes a friend with a beautiful woman named Sarah. Out of compassion, Joshua would provide relief and healings to many people through several miraculous deeds, and he would also heal Sarah whom she brought back from the brink of death after an accident.

Then, he accompanies with her on a humanitarian mission to Iraq to provide aid to some orphans. Over there, he witnesses firsthand, untold human suffering, and atrocities committed by the devil and his cohorts, even as he continues to help the weak and needy he meets. While displaying immense spiritual powers, several attempts on his life and efforts by Satan to make him backslide proved futile. Joshua and Sarah, along with other Christians would go through a traumatic and nerve-racking experience which then leads to a pulsating end to the book. Can Joshua save himself and his loved ones from the incessant intrigues of the devil? What will be the fate of humanity? Please read on… 

Please note a portion of the sale of this book will go to help children that have Cancer and also orphan children that been displaced by war.

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