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Forever Live and Die

Length: 377 pages5 hours


When former MI5 officer Jane Raven sees a man assassinated whilst on the London Eye, she fears she is beginning to lose the sanity she has fought so hard to keep since her husband left her. Into her life comes Cheri Hughes, faded glamour girl who insists she too witnessed the crime and the man they saw shot was in fact Wyatt Reynolds, her lover.

Jane gets the chance to rejoin the security services, but as Cheri ingratiates herself into her life, Jane is unaware that the web of lies and deception Cheri is spinning to protect herself, could ruin the new exciting life she has started to build. Both women face a race against time. For Jane it is vital she discovers the truth about Wyatt Reynolds, and for Cheri, she must stop Jane in whatever way she can.

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