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Stageline Book 3: Bold Deceiver

Length: 196 pages2 hours


The newcomer to Dune Crossing carried a strange cut-blade knife and a Spencer rifle. Could mean he was trouble. But as it was, Cosum Beech and Whip Roundel, guard and driver on the stagecoach, had enough problems of their own just then.
A young girl brought desperate news of her wounded father and asked for Whip’s help. He could hardly refuse—he owed her pappy plenty. When Whip rode out, the stranger took his place on the stagecoach seat.
Meanwhile, the tides of war were starting to invade the barely-touched border territories. Troops were massing along the Rio Galisteo and the Confederates had the Union on the run. In the midst of this strife, Jessie Beaumont arrived on the scene. She was an eye-catching woman of striking beauty, who immediately attracted the attention of the shotgun guard. And as things turned out, they had more than a little in common.
But bloody assassinations were happening around the small depot town, and despite the tumultuous battle that must ensue, the two stagecoach men set about finding the culprit.

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