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The Shift Of The Ages: The New 6th Race

Length: 437 pages6 hours


The global healing and awakening of the Earth signs the passage from a life based upon separation, fear and fighting, to one based upon unity, peace, and love. Jesus referred to this process when he said: The humble will inherit the land.
The evolutionary progression unfolding at the present moment is manifesting itself through a rapid acceleration of the events in all fields: environmental (natural disasters), social (wars, terrorist attacks, economic crises, etc.) and individual (sphere of the emotions); it is a period of great unbalance, which precedes a new balance. Our “Fathers” say that it will end shortly. It is in full acceleration at the present moment and, because of this, we are living in a period of transition between two worlds where everything in life seems to move at an incredible speed, a phenomenon which is under everyone’s eyes and whose side-effects are: tiredness, anguish, unease, insomnia, panic attacks, feeling lost, etc. ...

To be unaware of the nature of this process can be very frightening, whereas to understand its beauty and profound meaning enables us not only to walk through it safely but also to experience it fully.

This book contains a vital energy which you can perceive simply by reading it. It can help you to remember something about your past, something that is very, very ancient.

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