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The Invitation

Length: 49 pages36 minutes


Inspector Strong receives an invite to a DC conference from the FBI. He has FBI security from home, to the airport, to the hotel and in the hotel. He meets with the National FBI Director Shnell with few people knowing it.
The Director says, “Inspector, I have had two agents killed in the same way in two different cities. Can you help me?”
HLS security is running the conference and wonders why the Inspector is not attending some sessions?
The HLS running the conference did some computer checking on the Inspector. It got himself a security breech and a call from his boss, “Back off.”
The Inspector is worried about five other unrelated FBI agents. His hotel suite is bombed, another one is broken into. All the special phones given him are destroyed.
He is out on his own in DC to solve the case. He can trust no one.

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