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Ali Sam: Erapa - part 2/6

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chapter 07 _ crime of the century
“What if on that day there were no planes. Hypothetical like.”
Professor Johnston looked up at his class and smiled. She had been away for six weeks. And here she was back jumping in with one of the most famous conspiracies.
“Please elaborate.”
“The only reason we believe there were four planes on that day is because the official story kept repeating that there were four planes. There were no remains of planes anywhere. Nothing of any significance.”
“There were videos.”
“There were videos in about as much proof as Noah and his Ark story. The world was not flooded. It is impossible to put a pair of every creature on the planet in a boat. The story gets told over and over and people believe it without question. The media is our storyboard. It is privately owned and the owners have an agenda.”
“What’s the agenda.”
“Rule with fear.”
The discussion became rather heated. Professor Johnston watched and listened.
“Hang on, now. There are a few anomalies about that day. Especially the building seven. Some architects have trouble believing the fall at free fall speed of the twin towers. It wouldn’t be the first time a country has allowed such a thing to happen to get its people charged up for war. False flags have been used often to justify war and invasion. And war was the first thing made clear before any evidence was had. Mess with us we will kill a bunch of you, half a million in Iraq, and take your oil and gold. And they for certain had nothing to do with the attack. They got bombed most of the way back into the Stone Age. This is a good thesis or story for a composition. For next class, write an essay defending whatever position you chose. If you find it hard to accept, make it fiction. Make it a story.”
Professor Johnston watched his students leave, still in heated conversation. Sally left last. She smiled at the professor while he watched the last of the students leave.
“I’ve got an idea for a story.”
“Great. Looking forward to reading it.”
“I can bring you some later tonight.”
“And read it to me.”
“Or I’ll tell you about it.”

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