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Cameron's Thorn

Length: 128 pages2 hours


Cameron Jensen and his brother Jordy grew up in a very sheltered life out on the farm with a very unloving father. One night when both Jordy and Cameron are outed to their father by the local priest, they run for their lives, knowing the man’s disgust for homosexual’s.
With nothing but the clothes on their backs and a few dollars in their pockets, the brothers set out to find the mother who deserted them when they were baby’s. The world is a very scary and strange place to them, but not as strange as the things they see when they arrive at the Swan Family Carnival where their mother is.
When Thorn Swan, nephew to Ivan, finds two cuties sneaking around the carnival he knows he has to stop them, but the realization that Cameron is his mate shocks Thorn, but also makes him happy that his mate is finally here.
But will he be able to convince the skittish man that they were meant for one another and belong together, or will he lose Cameron when he and Jordy run again, after finding out the truth of who they really are?

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