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Asunder (Book 3, Northing Trilogy)

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TWO WORLDS: Born into Georgian wealth and consequence, Anne Bentley feels increasingly trapped by the foregone conclusions of her life. In a desperate bid for freedom, she sneaks out in the guise of a maid to catch a glimpse of the wider world. Timothy Stannish, a humbly born man of honour, has risen through the ranks of the Royal Navy on his own merit. When he meets an enchanting maid at a country dance, their lives will never be the same again.

TWO CHOICES: For Anne, choosing marriage with the man she loves means exile from everything and everyone she’s ever known while accepting a life of risk and uncertainty. Her only other choice is to remain in the cold realities of her comfortable, gilded cage. Timothy, in love with Anne, must either follow his heart regardless of the repercussions or honourably release her from their engagement when he finds out her true circumstances. Are they both willing to trust each other with their lives? Can they stand together in the face of society’s derision, or will the pressures of life tear them asunder?

Book Quote: “Ah, how easily are such conclusions drawn on a pleasant walk in a sunny garden, far from the consequences of such a choice! The heart may choose more freely than the head, but it’s often the head that decides a matter.”

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