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I, Snorticus

Length: 314 pages5 hours


Set in Sydney’s gritty underground of the 1990s, I SNORTICUS is a hysterical portrayal of an X-Gen antihero, searching for relevance in a changing world. Julius, the narrator, is a rebel with a myriad of causes, most of which he is seldom sober enough to remember. A lord trapped in a peasant’s world he uses all his powers of resistance to reinvent his way out of his existential prison. At times a violent story, the charmingly ineffectual Julius takes us on a journey through flashbacks into the youth subculture of the 1980s, when skinheads, punks and Mods ruled the streets. An aspiring writer coming out of that milieu, changing addresses as frequently as he loses jobs, he finds himself at a crossroads. Landing a junior role at a prestigious chartered accountants firm, he battles his fear of mediocrity, and the officious secretary to one of the partners who wants him gone. Meanwhile, having been bailed out of impecunious circumstances by his grandmother, he is torn between the powerful pull of a fashionable bohemian party house known as The Colosseum, where in this alternative world he enjoys the status of an ‘Emperor’, and the knowledge that if he screws up again it might be the end. Once again, all the cache he finds in self-reinvention needs reinventing again as a new era dawns.

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