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Scorned, Torn And Reborn: Ending a Marriage with Integrity and Expanding into Your Better, Happier Life

Length: 203 pages3 hours


Scorned, Torn & Reborn is written for women who are undergoing a divorce that has been initiated by their husbands. The author’s purpose is to help women in this group work through the changes that are occurring in their lives with dignity and grace. The goal is to come out on the other side of the transition whole and ready to embrace life and happiness. The book begins with guidance and support for the raw emotions the reader may be experiencing after having learned that their marriage is ending. The author discusses grief, betrayal, the need for self-care, and ways to start rebuilding lost self-esteem. The book then follows chronologically as the divorce process continues, giving practical advice for legal representation, financial awareness, and dividing households. Scorned, Torn & Reborn offers tools for supporting the children through the changes,communicating with the ex, finding support from friends and family, and dealing with loneliness. The last section of the book focuses on moving forward, establishing co-parenting strategies, various aspects of dating, finding what the reader truly wants, and building a better life and a happier self.

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