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Stepping Heavenward (with an Introduction by George Prentiss)

Length: 372 pages6 hours


Written by Elizabeth Prentiss and first published in 1869 in installments, “Stepping Heavenward” is the fictional coming of age story of a young Christian girl named Katherine. The novel tells the story of Katherine’s life through a series of journal entries beginning when she is sixteen and trying to discover how to live a good and Godly life. The novel follows her though courtship, engagement, marriage, having children, and the many challenges that she confronts as she transforms from an innocent and curious young lady to a wise and thoughtful woman. Drawing upon her own experiences as a Christian wife and mother, Prentiss tells Katherine’s life story with a refreshing and engaging candor and humor. Katherine lays bare her own shortcomings and failures as she seeks to live her life as God intended. Katherine matures into an honorable woman who faithfully attends to the details of her own life with a generous Christian spirit and a true depth of character. This classic Christian story continues to be an inspirational tale for young girls who themselves are facing the very same challenges of growing up and their mothers who are helping them to navigate it. This edition includes an introduction by George Prentiss and a biographical afterword.

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