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Abandonment to Divine Providence (Translated by E. J. Strickland with an Introduction by Dom Arnold)

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Written by Father Jean-Pierre de Caussade, a French Jesuit priest and author, “Abandonment to Divine Providence” contained in this volume is a treatise on the practice of total abandonment to Divine Providence, or in other words, completely giving yourself over to God’s will. Father De Caussade, born in 1675 in Cahors, France, became the spiritual director to the Nuns of the Visitation in Nancy, France from 1733-1740. During his time at the convent and immediately after, he wrote letters of advice and spiritual direction to the nuns. These letters, which form the basis for this treatise, describe De Caussade’s belief in the importance of completely surrendering oneself to the present moment, which is in itself a sacrament from God. It is only by living truly in the present and giving complete attention to every detail and obstacle in one’s daily life that one can come to know the will of God and to live as God intended. De Caussade believed this was the path to true peace and virtue and could be realized by everyone, regardless of their station in life. The spiritual lessons contained in “Abandonment to Divine Providence” continue to inspire and guide the faithful to this day. This edition follows the translation of E. J. Strickland with an introduction by Dom Arnold.

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