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I Loved But She Didn’t

Length: 50 pages33 minutes


"And if love was as strong as hate, I would have never been your colors, and you would never have been my paint."

 This story revolves around two school-going children namely, Akshay and Yashi who're quite naïve and unaware about the fact that this dating world is tough; it scars them for life and change their perspective of looking world and trusting people. But, maybe naivety isn't bad as society makes it out to be!

Think back to when you had your first taste of love. Maybe, you realize now it wasn't love, or maybe you haven't been able to find someone that accurate since then. We dig less and trust ourselves a little bit more. I completely understand the fact that our brains are not fully developed when we are TEENAGERS. If you want to know more, you shall read the book.

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