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Competition Untangled: The Small Business & Entrepreneur's Guide to Knowing Your Competition

Length: 58 pages45 minutes


Do you feel lost when it comes to marketing your startup or small business, not knowing where to begin or what to do? Are you not sure how you fit into a competitive marketplace?

Competition Untangled is the third book in a series written to untangle the subject of marketing for entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized businesses. Having worked with hundreds of businesses, Thoranna offers a clear path through the marketing jungle – a path consisting of five main elements which provide the key to a powerful marketing strategy and program. Basing the book on practical experience, yet firmly grounded in academic research, Thoranna explains things in a practical, jargon-free way so you can put the principles to use in your business straight away and achieve results.

In this book you will learn how to:

* Fill up your marketing pipeline with more leads and close more deals by understanding how to differentiate your business from your competitors
* Use your competition as an invaluable strategic resource - by borrowing their winning ideas and avoiding their costliest mistakes
* Get a clear view of the competitive landscape, and use that as a roadmap to creating a solid business strategy
Communicate coherently to your team about the business environment your company operates in

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Thoranna Jonsdottir’s many years of marketing and branding experience within global advertising, IT, and finance industries has led her to marketing consultation and various entrepreneurial projects. It is her greatest passion to use her creativity and ingenuity to help entrepreneurs build a loveable business. Thoranna holds an MBA with Distinction from the University of Westminster in London. The Marketing Untangled series is the culmination of Thoranna’s work.

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