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Lemons on a Plate (an alter-ego speaks): Lemons on a Plate, #1

Length: 179 pages1 hour


The poverty-stricken vagabond Barron Desulfer, addicted to drugs and alcohol and once a professor and renowned writer, decides to turn his life around.  By chance, he meets up with an ex military Colonel, Ken, who is looking for someone to write his autobiography; this opportunity becomes the only hope that the desperate Barron needs to bring him up from the poorness in which he lives.  Barron, suffering from progressive memory loss, has kept a daily journal for over thirty years.

He begins interviewing the Colonel. As the month's pass and the project moves forward, Barron stumbles onto a diary that belongs to the Colonel. What he finds in it will forever change the path in which he is on; hope will be stripped away.  Or will it?

    The quagmire of a story with four reflections from four different books at the same time can only be complicated more with the presence of an alter-ego as the voice of the book.  Lemons on a plate…(an alter-ego speaks), the first volume of the series, will challenge the reader and emotionally capture the soul.

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