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Good Morning, DJ: Thinking About Married Life

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In 2005, after 30 years of marriage, John Rogers began a series of notes to his daughter and her fiancé as they prepared to embark upon their own married life. Now, after more than a decade, he revisits those notes to explore how his views have evolved—and in what ways they've stayed the same.

New wine and old wineskins, the grace of unknowing, sorting the stuff we bring into marriage, silencing the noise of everydayness, tensing the relational body, beauty and blessing, wilderness and deserts, and married life as work of art—these are just some of the concepts touched upon in Good Morning, DJ. There are no recipes for marital success or even happiness. Instead, the author reveals his quest for vitality and creativity as he and his wife continue their co-creating evolving sojourn of married life.

Fundamental life principles found in the Bible often apply directly to marriage. How do we safeguard the soul of married life? For what things do we potentially forfeit the soul of a married life? And once forfeited, how is soul redeemed and restored? Good Morning, DJ is an evolving meditation on marriage that invites fresh reflection on and greater appreciation for the emergent Mystery inherent to married life.

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