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The Brittle Foundations of our Civilization

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Three thousand years ago.

The fundamental concepts of our social life go back as far as 2,800 years. In that time, humanity has made astounding discoveries, created an extraordinary comfortable and modern world and invented the unthinkable. Yes, we have tamed the natural forces, we have shaped the surface of the planet. We have evolved…no, sorry, we have not. It is true that we live longer and healthier, but our social life has not changed at all. Our social foundations, debated in the world at its beginning are still being put to the test. We have failed. Our understanding of the ideal society is as good as three thousand years ago. We are no better, hence our civilization is bound to crumble as former empires did, our foundations are fragile, what we believe in is contradictory. We are lost.

Through an easy-reading  path, be confronted with a discussion on the core values of our lives, from democracy, freedom and justice to the free markets and competitiveness.
Come and take a light hearted tour around the flaws and standings of our financial system along with the capital's behavior.
Be ready to stumble on your strongly learned believes.
Be surprised of our real hurdles and main challenges ahead.
Above all: have fun, read on.

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