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No Colors: 100 Ways to Stop Gangs from Taking Away Our Communities

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A vital guide to keeping gangs and youth violence out of your community—including one hundred ways to keep your kids safe.
No community wants to admit it has a gang problem, but the unwillingness to address youth violence can have tragic consequences. This book—and the significant research on which it is based—represents many voices, experiences, and community efforts in the battle against our national gang crisis. It is an inspiring guide to preventing the epidemic of youth violence from destroying our families and eroding our neighborhoods. No Colors gives citizens, community and business leaders, elected and appointed officials, educators, and clergy a set of best practices to help municipalities stand against gangs.
The good news is that many cities are winning this battle for the minds and hearts of our kids. These success stories are highlighted to help you shape your community’s plan. Find out how you can “gang proof” your schools and recognize early warning signs, broaden your role beyond punishment to rewarding interventions, and use faith-based initiatives to save your children.
At the very least, this book will inform you. It will likely enlighten you. And if you are open to its compelling message, it may even move you to action.

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