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Length: 302 pages4 hours


Nadani Jagi is low on money and desperately needs replacement parts for her ship, Astromancer. That's when she finds a job she has to invest some of her own money into before she can get paid and accepts it—against the advice of her Personal Artificial Intelligence, a sentient AI living in her own brain. The job has her purchase imperial slaves and transport them to a station where they will be bought by the station owner for a much higher price. In Dier, where Nadani is from, slavery is outlawed, but in Gershan space it's legal. She is not happy about trading slaves herself, but she sets out with a cargohold full of slaves in cryostasis for the sake of her ship. Little does she know this contract will lead to her involvement in a galactic affair dealing with lost government secrets in the form of special information nanobots. With the help of a Joined Union Systems agent, Nadani and her PAI are put to the test on their race across the galaxy to secure the nanobots and the information they contain.

This book contains mature situations.

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