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My World

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Jason Mill graduates from college and gets a job, programming computers.
He’s then fired, unable to get along with one Billy Toowy, after being assigned to fix Billy’s program.
Jason is unable to get a job, but he can get temp work.
Jason then finds out that he’s described as a whako, by Billy Toowy.
The problem with Billy then escalates into a war and Jason has to become a hermit, to survive.

Jason Mill graduates from college and gets a job, programming computers.

He finds out that he’s really good at programming computers. He can write computer programs and even debug the programs of other programmers. Debugging the program of another programmer is a very tough assignment, but he can do it, even when others can’t. He thought that he was doing well and Jason was expecting a good yearly review.

Jason got called in, for his yearly review and he was told that, “Jason Mill, you are fired.”

He asked why he was being fired. He was being fired because he was unable to get along with one Billy Toowy.

Jason told the Department Manager that he had had almost no contact with Billy Toowy and what were specific problems? He never got an answer to his question; he did get fired from his job. Jason was then unable to get another job, or even job interviews.

Fortunately, Jason Mill had, back in college, published a paper on a programming technique that he had developed. Probably because of his published paper, he was able to get temp jobs, as long as no one knew where he was working. He was able to work out of his home, his world, and e-mail in computer programs, to his customers.

Jason then found that his previous employer was describing him as a whako. Legal actions followed, legal actions that Jason Mill won..

Jason Mill then used the funds from the legal actions to improve his home, his world.

The Internet gave Jason some access to people and prevented him from becoming a hermit.

Jason then began to plan.

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