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Visions for the Church: Orientation in times of Church Reorganisation

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Scepticism, disappointment, renunciation: the situation of the church seems more volatile than ever. Paul M. Zulehner, however, is convinced that it is not the church that is in crisis, but the changing times demand a reshaping. In a run through the history of the Christian Church and Culture, he shows that Christianity has often come to crossroads, at which renewal and departure were necessary.
The key to rebirth he sees in powerful visions. In the gospel and in art, in poetry and myth, he finds stimuli which encourage finding new pathways. With this book, Zulehner gives Christians incentives for a church committed to the future. Meditating, true to life and practical, his vision calls for a "resurrection" of the church. Live!
"Today, perhaps we have so much discontent in some parts of the worldwide church, because we lack motivating visions. Structures are indispensable for the incarnation of a vision in history. But they are not a substitute for visions. The present church reorganisation concerns more structures than visions. We speak more about money than God. Of course Churches have to make structural adjustments. And, only if these are done, the Churches start thinking about visions. As Saarinen teaches - we should look at things the other way round."

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