Half Fae Hunter

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Half Fae Hunter

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Length: series


Jake Everett is trapped in the goblin dungeon with no way out. He's succumbed to the darkness inside him just as the Seer had told him, but he is no closer to finding a way out. Once he finally breaks free of the labyrinth, he has two enemies to kill. The Dark Prince's days are numbered, even if he doesn't realize it yet.

The team that he left behind is facing their own problems. Asha has been taken and they don't know where she is. They'll have to rely on a mysterious warrior from the Seelie realm to come to their aid in order to free her.

Sheridan Harwood is angling towards gaining enough power to evict or kill all supernatural creatures from this realm. She's made deals with beings from other realms, but she has plans of her own. The new Master Archivist is just as dangerous as the old one and she intends to pick up right where he left off.

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