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Marcia's Revenge: The Johnson Station Novels

Length: 360 pages5 hours


The sweetest revenge is the one you never see coming.

Since she was a young girl, Marcia knew she couldn't stay in tiny Johnson Station, Iowa, and have a satisfying career. Her father had said so. Now, unjustly fired from the town's only bank, she yearns for a job - somewhere else - that will cap off her professional life with the patina of success. Waylaid by her friends' request for help in reversing Johnson Station's economic stagnation, Marcia is torn between contributing to the town's revitalization and accepting a job offer in Seattle. A financial disaster weighs in on the side of the job in the city, but a personal tragedy postpones her decision. As she grows to understand her stake in her hometown's survival, Marcia discovers bringing people together can be the best revenge against those who aim to tear them apart.

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