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The King's Daughter: A Story of Redemption

Length: 94 pages1 hour


Abandoned. Left to die. Rescued. Redeemed...
Adoption. Betrayal. Unfailing love...

The King's Daughter: A Story of Redemption traces one of the most beautiful love stories of all time. This collection of short Bible studies searches out the life of the King's Daughter, a familiar figure of Psalm 45. Who is she really? Has she always been the most beautiful ornament in the King's throne room? Will she remain so? Will she turn her back on the One who loved her more than any other, or will she let Him be as a bundle of myrrh about her neck?

From a field to a palace, from disgrace to glory, from shame to restoration: her story reveals not only the magnitude of our redemption but also the chastening hand of a loving Father and the beauty of His everlasting covenant.

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