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A Witch in Time

Length: 80 pages1 hour


NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: Although all books by Veronica Blade are sweet romance, they may contain mild cursing.

WARNING: This short story is a Shapes of Autumn/Something Witchy crossover. Not recommended to read A Witch in Time before reading the entire Shapes of Autumn series and Something Witchy This Way Comes. You will encounter massive spoilers and that's no fun. Please read this one last!!

A Witch in Time

With an entire kingdom to rule, the witch queen, Jane, has no business compromising her loyalties by dating outside her species. But Cedric the Vampire king isn't just any supernatural. Since she met him as a young girl, he has helped her through hardships and eventually guided her to her own throne.

Centuries of prejudice among different species forbids them from having a future together. Besides, Cedric has his own people to rule. And abandoning her people to be with him could mean banishment from her own kind. Because no other man could compare to Cedric, only eternal loneliness lay before her.

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