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Gridiron Heartbreaker: Gridiron Bad Boys, #2

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Alyssa Kirkpatrick believes the perfect cure for a failed engagement is a new life, a new city and a new chef's position. That's until Blaine"Ace" Davis struts into her kitchen. The ridiculously handsome NFL quarterback flirts like it's a contact sport and has no qualms making her a single, over-the-top promise: he'll get her over her heartbreak—guaranteed.

A restless edge has haunted Blaine for a while until Alyssa accepts his unlikely bargain. She's funny, smart and not afraid to let him know he can check his ego at the door. How could he have known keeping a simple promise would upend his entire world?

Alyssa's dead-set to not fall into the rebound fling trap. He only flirted with her to get himself out of a rut, not to fall and fall hard.

Will their whirlwind romance survive a fumble?

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