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A Regency Duet

Length: 196 pages2 hours


This book is a collection of two short stories originally released in multi author anthologies now available together.

Luck be a Pirate (first published in the Kiss My Luck Anthology)

Luck wasn't something retired pirate Kennet Alexson believed in – good or bad. However, even he had to concede that landing a job at Trentams shipyard, and meeting Lynette Collins, was more than coincidence.

Fortune it seemed, was smiling on him for once.

As Kennet adjusts to life on dry land, his friendship with Lynette deepens into something far more enduring, and what once seemed elusive now becomes possible.

Unfortunately, fate has other plans, and Kennet's good luck is about to run out. 

The Highwayman's Kiss (first published in the Once Upon a Love anthology)

Nothing exciting had ever happened to Juliette St Clair. Her days were spent assisting her father or calling on friends, wandering art galleries, taking constitutionals or, and more preferably, escaping into her books. Her evenings — an endless round of balls, where she preferred to remain invisible.

Until the day she was robbed by a highwayman.

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