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Lost Souls/The Queen Unmasked

Length: 1,027 pages16 hours


Malevolent dreams and unexplained happenings haunt Elizabeth, leaving her wondering if the severe illness that put her mother, Ava, in the insane asylum, is now wreaking havoc with her.
Convinced she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Elizabeth is horrified when her psychiatrist husband, Owen, her best friend Rosemary, and the local obstetrician, tell her that Abigail was stillborn.
The Queen Unmasked:
If beauty is only skin deep then envy is rottenness to the bones, causing a slow decay of both mind and soul.
After suffering an unforgivable betrayal at the hands of her sister, Ivy is taken against her will to a castle on a distant, isolated island, is forced into a loveless marriage to a king she knows nothing about.

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