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For Real?

Length: 55 pages53 minutes


Rob and Chloe had been married for six years, known each other even longer. It was only natural to experience a slowdown in their sex lives. It happens to everybody. Right? Maybe trying a little roleplay would liven things up? Chloe flirting at a hotel bar, teasing man after man with her charms. Rob forced to watch from the sidelines like some voyeur.

It wasn’t planned that her suitors would tempt her with more than hot sex, adding a new wrinkle to their fantasy. Chloe denying them again and again. Until that one time... The time Rob saw her shyly nod her head yes and take his hand. The two of them walking casually to the back, towards the restrooms. Rob frozen in place as she walked right by him, winking as she passed. Her intentions unknown.

Just how far would Chloe take this new fantasy? Far more than just flirting, could Rob handle this new change in their relationship? Or, would it be the beginning of the end...

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