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Cuckold Three Story Bundle

Length: 105 pages1 hour


~ Cuckold Life ~

Newlywed virgin Lily is forcefully raped and impregnated by multiple men in front of her husband. What happens when Phil is forced to watch his beautiful wife, still in her wedding dress, lose her virginity right before his very eyes?

~ BBC Stretches Wife ~

Beautiful and stunning submissive wife cheats on her husband. When the husband walks in on his wife with a big black man deep up inside of her, terror rushes through his veins. Unable to walk away, he stands and watches...

~ BBC Impregnates Wife ~

Husband watches horrified as a large black male with a Big Black Cock impregnates his young fertile wife. Life turned upside down, will this marriage end in disaster, or will hubby be forced to watch his gorgeous wife taking load after load from different BBC?

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