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In The Shadow of the Tower: A DCI Layla Khan Investigation

Length: 244 pages4 hours


'Lethal. Deadly. Dangerous. Fear and Loathing. Murder. This is what the streets of Britain's premier holiday resort mean to Layla Khan. On the other side of where cheap booze, cheap clothes, slot machines and fast food reign supreme, Layla, who's recently been promoted to DCI, has to try and sort out the Blackpool that all the tourists don't see.

A teenage prostitute is found murdered. A sample of her blood was taken by the killer. Then a second one is discovered with the same MO. Why is the killer taking their blood? Both girls turn out to have been HIV positive. Did the killer know this? Were they deliberately targeted?

Taking on the investigation, DCI Layla Khan has to contend with a DI who displays thinly veiled racism towards her, and a superior officer who needs her to get a result quickly because he championed her promotion. A prominent local family at war with itself, corruption on the local council, plus a threatening hand from Layla's past all make it difficult for her to get to a result.

But what will happen if she doesn't?

And how can she reconcile the need to be herself against the Islamic traditions of her family?

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