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Universus Respondet: Fermi's Paradox Answered—a Novel

378 pages4 hours


Out of nowhere, a rogue meteor impact threatens to derail JPL's Mars Habitat Preparation project.

After years of effort, Dr. Steve Johnson and his team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory celebrate the landing of their HabiPrep lander on Mars, which will begin constructing a habitat for future astronauts.

Their celebration is curtailed when an uncharted object suddenly appears on a crash course to Mars, turning the JPL mission sideways. New questions arise when the object is found to be other than it seemed, questions which may provide a terrifying answer to Fermi's famous question: "where is everybody?"

In his debut novel, Bacil Donovan Warren (author of With It or in It: Desert Shield and Desert Storm from the Loader's Hatch) crafts a gripping hard sci-fi tale. Readers have been overwhelmingly positive, saying it "was hard to find stopping points when I needed to put the book down," that "the adventure within pulled me and held tight," and that the story "pulls you in."

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