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Codename Summer: Codename Rebellion, #4

101 pages1 hour


When Malik's investigation into the Resistance leads him to the pleasure ambassadors, he uses the opportunity to summon Saroji to his bed. Her involvement with the Resistance makes her fair game, and no matter how hard he's tried to forget her, he still burns to claim her body and soul.

Saroji is infuriated when she learns Malik has sent for her alter ego. If the dangerous traitor doesn't realize she is Summer, there is much to be gained by fulfilling his sexual fantasies. But it's far more likely he intends to repay her for a past betrayal. Malik is the only man who ever touched her body and tantalized her heart until she willingly surrendered control. She can't afford to trust him, yet squandering the opportunity could extinguish the last hope for the Resistance.

SCORCHER warning! This series is hotter than my other books and features scenes guaranteed to make you squirm. If you're offended by light bondage, or seriously dominant males, please choose one of my less erotic books. Either way, enjoy!

From Cyndi: The Codename Rebellion series has always been a fan favorite and I'm hoping the re-launch will introduce these highly sensual paranormal stories to some new readers. The other books are only $0.99 as well, so I hope you'll give them a try.

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