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A Hot Blooded Mate - The Beckoning Warriors of Light: Bataari New World Series

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Book 2 in the Warriors of Light Series.   The Beckoning.  A Hot Blooded Mate.


Keo was a huge warrior.  Tall, muscled, scarred.  The leader of his group of men.  They didn't need a commander, they had him and he was fierce enough for all of them.  He'd earnt his scars. 

They had come to this world looking for females to give them a future.  To start again but that gift was not for him.  He had had his chance; the goddess had blessed him once and he had squandered it.  He was not worthy of a second chance and yet, she called to him like a Siren in the night. 

Her smile lighting him up like a solar flare, bringing warmth where there had only been cold and emptiness before.  Drawing him to her.  She was intoxicating, alluring, everything he could not have.


Crystal was damaged goods.  Broken.  Her past haunted her.  She was dammed good at her job and it was her salvation.  The warriors scared her.  So big, dominant and demanding.  She knew they would never hurt her but her past made believing that difficult.  Every time she thought she was passed it, something would trigger her flight response and she would withdraw or shut down.  It was suffocating her, affecting her life.  Stopping her living.  Until she met Keo.

He was the biggest and scariest of them all.  His scars told who he was.  Deadly.  You don't mess with him.  Yet, he was gentle with her.  Careful.  He seemed to know her.

What he wanted she did not know.  What she could give him ....... nothing,  or so she thought... until circumstances had other ideas ..

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