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Columbus Park

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I sat watching the new john lewis advert some three years ago, and this bear and hare advert started my mind on the journey of
Columbus Park. The story follows the early years of a young cub discovering a big wide world with his friends. As the early years
in a hostile environment are full of adventure Jobe gets in to many scrapes on his journey to adulthood. His Father fives in the wild
mountains of Canada, forced there by the humans intent on hunting a bear who lost his way in pursuance of food. As it becomes
clear the lack of rain across the seasons the struggle for survival with be difficult and costly. In the writing of the book, there are many
character to share the journey with the young bear he visited many places full of discovery, and hears the many tales that had remained
in the forest for many years. Follow his exciting and challenging journey across the forest as he becomes a young adult bear. This is a
heartwarming tale of discovery and hope, that one day humans and animals can share and look after the forest together in harmony.

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