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366 Story Seeds

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An idea is only the first step. Questions build stories. You must interrogate an idea, and learn to see it from different angles. You need to find the story within the setting.
The more you do, the better you do. The best way to learn to do something is to do it over and over again.

In 2016 I resolved to write 366 short stories, one for every day of the leap year. I failed miserably at that, but came out the other end with 11 self-published stories, dozens of almost complete drafts, and hundreds of partially developed stories. It was a great writing year, and it was so great because every single day I was working on a new idea, from scratch. The point of the exercise had been to practise writing short stories, and I succeeded in doing that 366 times.

If you write 366 stories, it is surely impossible for them all to be bad?
Find a way to germinate these story seeds. They are prompts, ideas, starting points for thinking about stories.
One of your stories, or some of them, will be gold.

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