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Thoughts of Perfection: The I attract affirmations

156 pages54 minutes


This book is written for anyone exposed to hardship, emotional pain, crisis, trauma, anxiety, sadness, hopelessness or feeling disconnected or numb. 
When you experience emotional pain you always have two choices on how to move forward: Spend the rest of your life with the pain or find a way to heal yourself. 
My mission is to show you a simple way to achieve instant positivity and how to maintain this attitude. My commitment is to offer you my experience in terms of attracting positive emotion. 
This book will guide you in a baby steps approach to attract positive emotion. Furthermore, you will learn how to get rid of past burdens and bad memories using a visualization technique. Including a new an amazing way to use affirmations with breathwork. 
Once you have read this book and applied the techniques you should be able to: 
Heal and forgive from your heart 
Begin to care more for people around you 
Easily Love yourself 
Love deeply 
Be patient and wise 
Fill yourself with positivity 
Get out of your comfort zone 
live in the present moment 
Spark your creative subconscious 
Reprogram your brain in a positive way 
Activate the law of attraction 
Increase your internal motivation 
Easily bounce back from setbacks 
Cope better with stress and eliminate negativity from your life. 

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