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The Emissary: Journey: Horsewomen of the Zombie Apocalypse, #1

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Not all women are helpless Zombie-bait. The daughters of Clan McLeod are armed with bows, and mounted on swift horses. They ride like Huns, sweeping across a world in ruins.

When Clan Davidson calls for help, Clan McLeod answers. Bethany McLeod leads her sisters Alexis, Dani and Julie on a hundred mile horseback journey to Fort Chatten, Kentucky to help the Davidsons Clan. Bethany McLeod is the Emissary, uniting the scattered survivors of the zombie apocalypse in an alliance to save the human race.

Militia, marauders, and madmen abound. Above all the living dead stalk the land like locusts, eating everything in their path.

Can four young women and six horses survive the one hundred mile journey to Fort Chatten?

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