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Angel Blood: Angel Caste, #1

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Street-kid, thief, criminal: Viv is desperate to change her life.

On day release from jail to attend the funeral of her father, a violent drunk she feared and despised, her real father turns up, the powerful angel Archae Kald.

He offers to reunite Viv with the mother she thought dead and, determined to find the only person who has ever loved her, Viv travels through a rift to the male angel world of Ezam.

Kald assigns his protégé, the beautiful angel Thris, to guide Viv to her mother. It is Thris's job to keep Viv safe in the Rynth, the vast tangle of worlds she never knew existed.

But Viv is deeply damaged from her life on the streets and in no mood to trust anyone, even an angel with a face to die for. They set out, but as the complications multiply, disaster follows.

Thris might be eons old, but he knows little about females, especially ones who are half human. Like his closest friends, Ash and Ky, all he wants to do is to transcend but when he and Viv stumble into the acrid world of Moth Fold, and Viv's latent angel traits emerge, transcendence seems the last thing possible. 

After a devastating attack, Viv ends up lost and alone in the Rynth.

Will she survive to continue the search for her mother? Or end her days in an alien world? 

If you like your female heroes feisty, your male angels glorious, your fantasy worlds filled with brilliant landscapes and a dash of romance, you will love Angel Blood, Book 1 in the five book fantasy series Angel Caste.

Buy Angel Blood today to start your amazing adventure with Viv and Thris in the wild worlds of the Rynth.

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