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How to Transform Your Anger and Find Peace

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As a psychologist, I worked with angry people for thirty-­five years on anger management. They have been in my life longer than that. My country seems angrier now than I can remember it being in the past. Not everyone barks at other people, attacks them or shoots them. Yet the national mood seems to be one of anger coming from an angry national divide with angry citizens on both sides of every issue.

I have thought about how this happened and have consulted a variety of people and publications. I came up with a few findings and thought you might find them useful as well. Here are the questions I posed:

How does it affect your life?

What kinds of anger problems are there?

Who is the target of your anger?

How do you control anger toward you?

How can you transform your anger?

Have you wondered about any of these? Are you still looking for answers? Join me in an adventure to move away from anger and toward peace.

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