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1983 Central Australia
There was a town called Gibbons. Near that town was built a CIA communications base code named Prometheus.
Neither Gibbons, nor Prometheus now exist and all records of them have been exspunged.
The day before they ceased to exist, three groups found their way to Gibbons.
One was a movie producer director, Quin Tradwell scouting for locations for his next movie with his wife Billie and their assistant Chelsea.
The second was a documentary crew, led by investigative reporter Clive Toland, his cameraman Don McKinnley and sound woman Jan Bogart.
The third was the Maurian crew of the Life Investigation Mission (LIM) which crash lands near by.
The Americans capture most of the crew, Leaving the Commander to band together with Tradwell and Toland to save them.
This is what happened.

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