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Night Society

220 pages4 hours


It was only supposed to be a game.

In a boring suburb, three lonely men seeking distractions from their monotonous routines get together in an abandoned house to play a macabre game of show-and-tell.

Nothing is off-limits in their little circle—anything, no matter how depraved, is welcome... so long as it's frightening.

But when one member brings what sounds like an audio recording of an actual murder to a meeting, featuring the tortured screams and pleas of an anonymous woman, the jaded club members find themselves truly rattled.

From that moment, the horrific audio—and strange visions of the recorded victim—begin to seep into their daily lives. Agonized cries and sobs are heard in otherwise empty rooms. Shadowed figures lurk in unlit corners. Somehow, the mysterious victim is reaching out to them from beyond death.

Or is she? Digging deeper, they begin to suspect they're being led back to the abandoned house by something else—something that seeks to consume them, body and soul.

And if they aren't careful, it'll get its way.

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