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The InnKeeper’s Daughter and the Mysterious Cowman: Brides of Brookdale part 2, #2

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Pauline Wickerson longs for a life of adventure.

Working in her mother's boarding house in the small,sleepy town of Brookdale, California, excitement and adventure seem to be

in very short supply.That is why Pauline is thrilled when a mysterious stranger arrives to attend a wedding between James Rhodes and his Fiance, Sarah. Sam Derby, a friend of

the sheriff's from Texas, is a cowman who has spent nearly his entire life drifting from one place to the next. He also has a mysterious past as well as dozens of exciting

stories that Pauline can not seem to get enough of. When Sam takes a temporary job in Brookdale, Pauline does everything she can to get closer to him. Even though Sam

seems drawn to Pauline as well, he is clearly holding back from her. Something is keeping him from expressing his true feelings. Can it be that Mrs. Wickerson, Pauline's

mother, has made it clear that she will not allow her daughter to marry a penniless cow man? Or, is something darker from Sam's past pulling the two apart?

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